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About Us

Southern White Water is 100% Kiwi owned and operated White Water Rafting, Hunting & Fishing tour operator.
We have put considerable effort and investment into the safety planning and procedures of our operation.
We have a focus on safe and sustainable activities for the enjoyment of all. 
We wish to promote our unique wilderness areas and all they have to offer, whilst keeping the focus on respecting the environment.



Southern White Water is a relatively new tourism company launching in October 2015.  After years of planning and consultation, we are proud to be up and running and sharing the experience with you.

Southern White Water is a member of the New Zealand Rivers Association and a Department of Conservation concessionaire, which means that our operation has been assessed on the environmental impacts of our activities. Our operation has been certified to have little to no impact on the environments that we operate in.

Our take on the outdoor experience is that it should be both fun and informative as we wish to promote the natural resources we have and also the positive management of these resources so they will be here to be shared for generations to come.


New Zealand's backcountry along with fishing and hunting has been a passion within my family since I was just a wee whipper snapper. 30+ years on I thought it was high time we shared some of the passion, so here we are, and we look forward to you joining us on a unique New Zealand adventure.

We are very much a family operated business, with the olds hanging around a lot of the time, helping out where ever possible.

Shell and Darrell Haworth aka "the olds" have long been on the scene, and together we have spent decades hunting, fishing and exploring the NZ back country.

These guys are an integral part of our operation as off river support, drivers, caterers, trip planners, and guides who help out with most trips.

Darrell works in the bush looking after the backcountry we all enjoy and is an aspiring photographer and many of his photos feature and will continue to feature on this site and within our business.

We are very blessed to have these good buggars involved in our business.

When you choose to join us on one of our many adventures, you will be a part of the team. We guarantee you will have a "sweet as" adventure whilst enjoying the natural beauty and awesomeness that only the NZ backcountry has to offer.

Certified Operator

Southern White Water has been audited by WORKSAFE NZ (The Governing body of rafting operations NZ). WORKSAFE NZ has assessed our safety protocols and procedures, emergency management plans, equipment and overall how we will endeavour to manage safety within the operation, to which we received a very good report.


Ph: 0800 RAFTNZ / 0800 723 869

Hours (NZST):  8:00am to 10:00pm Mon - Sun

International Enquiries: 0011 +64 27 437 0503



Members of the New Zealand Rivers Association and
a Department of Conservation concessionaire


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